Friday, July 6, 2007

Heat fans are trying to figure out how to get Shawn Marion

Over at the Miami Herald Heat blog, there is a discussion going on right now about the possibility of landing Shawn Marion.

The gist of it is -

Miami gets : Shawn Marion

Phoenix gets : Kevin Garnett, James Posey

Minnesota gets : Leandro Barbosa, Boris Diaw, Udonis Haslem, Dorell Wright, Atlantas 1st round pick (from Phoenix), and Miami's 1st round pick.

The trade works under NBA rules.

At first glance, this seems to be a half baked idea. There have to be better deals out there for Minnesota, right? Chicago has all the pieces needed to land KG without having to involve any other teams (Paxson would have to be willing to trade away several pieces of his young core though).

On the other hand, this is a nice collection of good young players, and Atlanta's pick could very well be top 10 next year.

Like every other proposed deal that involves KG, it will probably never happen. However, it is mildly interesting.

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