Tuesday, July 3, 2007

News and Notes

Here are some tidbits from around the league -

- Posey says he's willing to be used in a sign-and-trade deal. Good, at least we have a chance to get something for one of our free agents.

- Shaq's plan to fix the dunk contest with luxury cars.

- Rashard Lewis is joining the magic. Well, it's disappointing that he'll be in our division. I don't think this makes Orlando a contender, but it was definitely a good pick up by them.

- Derek Fisher is leaving the Jazz to help care for his daughter. Be sure to say a prayer for him and his family when you can. Hopefully everything works out.

- This isn't the first article I've read that says Shaq's new show is actually good. It sounds like he's really serious about combating childhood obesity, which is a great thing. I missed the first episode last week since I was at a Marlins game. I think I'll tune in tonight.

- The Heat is targeting Steve Blake.
I hope this happens. He isn't going to be Chauncy Billips or anything, but adding him would finally stabilize the PG position. After he got traded to Denver last year, he had 9 games with double figure assists. He's shot 37% from 3 for his career, and you know he'll have one of his best years from behind the arc when he's playing with Dwyane and Shaq. At 27 years of age he figures to remain productive for however long we sign him.

He's capable of being a starter and is one of the few good PGs that the Heat has a realistic chance of signing. I say go for it. He's from Miami and played with Haslem in high school, so I'd think that gives us an advantage over other teams in trying to sign him.

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