Saturday, June 30, 2007

Free Agency

Free agency starts tomorrow, and that's when the Heat's off season really begins.

What are we going to do to address the point guard situation? What about small forward? Those questions will be answered soon.

Mo Williams and Steve Blake are the best PGs available. Adding either one would improve the point guard situation immensely (it couldn't get much worse last year). Will both of them be too expensive though?

James Posey and Jason Kapono will both be unrestricted free agents. We can't afford to resign both, so I think priority should be given to Posey. Kapono's shooting is great, but Posey brings more to the table with his perimeter defense and rebounding ability.

If we end up losing both, obviously we'll need to find a small forward somewhere. I'd love to get Gerald Wallace, but he's gonna command a lot of money.

I'm just wondering if our starting small forward of the future is already on the roster. Is Dorell Wright ever going to become an impact player, or will he spend the last year of his contract playing during garbage time?

Get ready guys, because things are gonna start moving really fast around the league come Sunday.

About the Draft

The draft this year was, for me, a bit of a disappointment. Throughout the two weeks prior to the draft, I'd looked over every mock draft I could find, searching for evidence that a top point guard prospect could fall to us. I wasn't expecting us to draft a point guard who was going to step in and have a major impact right away. I was just hoping to land someone who could eventually replace J-Will after developing for a year or two.

So, needless to say, I almost threw my remote at the TV when the Lakers yanked Javaris Crittenton off the board ONE PICK before he fell to us.

Daequan Cook actually sounds like he could become a nice player. He didn't play much down the stretch for Ohio State last year, but supposedly he can really shoot it. For that reason, Cook might actually have a prayer of breaking into the rotation next year since the Heat could be about to loose both Posey and Kapono (at least one of those guys WILL be gone since we're up against the cap).

I know that Riles doesn't like to play young guys...... But this roster is going to be hurting for guys who can shoot the 3 if Posey and Kapono both go.

A Blog is Born

Hello all, and welcome to my first attempt at a blog!

The goal here?

To create another place for Heat fans to get all kinds of information about their favorite team, discuss team issues, and talk about the NBA in general.

I'm gonna try and fill this place up with all the Heat related stuff that I can get my hands on (as well as good stories that you guys email me).

It's a busy time of year for the league. I had intended to get this baby started earlier this week so we could talk about the draft. Alas, real life delayed me until now. That's ok though, considering that the Heat's off season really doesn't begin until the start of free agency. Hopefully the team is about the make some good moves. You'll read all about it here.

It's gonna be fun!