Sunday, August 12, 2007

Heat Picks up a Penny

Well, this one certainly came out of left field.

My initial reaction to the Penny Hardaway signing was embarrassment. The Heat had signed yet ANOTHER senior citizen, and this one had broken down years ago. I actually blurted out "WE DID WHAT?" in the car when the news broke. The Heat had hit a new low in this off-season of inactivity.

After realizing that we've only given him a partially guaranteed contract, I'm no longer feeling quite that incredulous. The guy has to make the team if he wants to get paid. If his knees start to buckle in camp he's gone and no harm is done. Should he make the team and somehow manage to stay healthy, he could provide depth at the 1, 2 and 3. So this can't possibly be a bad thing for the Heat, right?

Well, actually yea, this still does have the potential to be a negative. If the idea behind this signing is for Penny to be a third string player who's barely gonna see the court, I'm fine with him being here..... But if Riley's affection for veteran players rears it's ugly head and he plays Hardaway ahead of Dorell Wright, I'll be in angry-mode again.

I don't know Dorell or see him in practice every day, so I can't say if he really has what it takes to be a legit rotation player. However, when he's been given a chance to play there are times when he just oozes potential. He's so athletic.

You also see a kid who looks a little lost out on the court at times. Still, I have to believe that Dorell could give us at least as much production as a 36 year old Penny Hardaway. He needs to be given a chance to grow.

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