Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Couple Morsels of Heat News

A couple pieces of Heat news have emerged over the past couple weeks.

The biggest is clearly that James Posey signed a 2 year deal with the Boston Celtics.

This stinks for the Heat because we've lost out on the opportunity to use Posey in a sign and trade for the likes of Michael Pietrus or Ron Artest. Furthermore, the Heat now finds itself with Antoine Walker, Dorell Wright, and (gulp) Penny Hardaway as the only players on the roster who can play small forward (not counting the undrafted free agents on the team).

Unless Riley really thinks this is the year Dorell Wright breaks out, we're clearly in need of another small forward.

Posey's 3-point shooting and hustle on defense will be missed. He'll be a great fit in Boston, coming off the bench as sixth man.

Also, the Heat signed SF Alexander Johnson, who cracked John Hollinger's list of the 10 best rookies at the all star break.

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